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My name is Ron, I draw a lot and complain a lot! I attend Seneca College for Art Fundamentals, but I have a BA in Criminology with a minor in Psychology from Ryerson University. Check out this link for a list of all the fandom-type stuff I am into. There's a lot of anime, video games and TV shows I enjoy.

I also post about social justice, and if you have a problem with that, I'd recommend against following me. I use they and she pronouns.

Sometimes I kid myself into thinking I could be a DJ. I like to make mixes! Check out my music tag for some really fresh beats.

This blog has occasional NSFW art posted, of the gore and adult material variety, but I don't reblog NSFW works to this blog except on rare occasion. This blog is still not SFW though, so you have been warned!

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people currently lost


sarahfu answered your question: I’ll finish this commission first then attempt it …

mituna/cronus/kurloz sandwich…..
Mituna/Cronus/Kurloz I’m help
CronusMituna…. or all three of them >u>

you three are tearing this family apart

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