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My name is Ron. Don't talk to me about Homestuck. I like: cosplay, sci fi, mass effect, Dishonored, ocs, art, Hannibal, WTNV, Supernatural, Elementary, Attack on Titan, Code Geass, lots of sports anime, Sherlock, EDM (especially Daft Punk), aliens, robots, guro, blogging about my life, and social justice. Sometimes I kid myself into thinking I could be a DJ. I like to make mixes! Check out my music tag for some really fresh beats.

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intheoctobeegarden replied to your post: Tumblr Social Justice Drinking Game

Finish a drink every time an otherkin mentions “Clarri” in their post about people oppressing/mocking otherkin
posted 2 years ago @ 26 Mar 2012
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  1. fluttersquid said: or toasterkin
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